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In the Sannes Cello Academy

Welcome to the Sannes Cello Academy!

What would happen, if you gave it your all?

What would happen, if you decided that now is the time to focus on you and your dream? What if you went all in? How far would you go?

Let's find out!

What if someone told you, it's not too late?

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Sannes Cello Academy 

An online course that help you:

  • Start seriously believing in yourself and your abilities
  • Create a beautiful sound and learn the secret behind how to get the audience to tear up when they hear you play
  • Finally improve that intonation 
  • Play with more ease and less struggle, feeling that the body works for you and not against you
  • Become confident playing in front of others, with less nervousness
  • Play all the amazing music that is out there, including the Bach suites, the Swan and maybe even the Elgar cello concerto
  • Have less pain when playing and learn how to prevent it coming back
  • Actually achieve your goals, and start seeing progress 
  • A supportive community with amazing like minded cellists that will cheer you on and hold you accountable
  • Learn habits that will kick start your practicing and help you stick with it
  • Express yourself more freely, letting the music flow from your heart
  • Maybe even make a living from your music!

Are you tired of not getting the results you feel you deserve?  


The good news is, it does not have to be this way. 

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Ragnhild, a cellist and teacher. I teach cellists to become better than they ever thought possible.


More about me

The Academy is perfect for you who


  • Are ready to stop struggling with your practicing and not seeing the results that you want
  • Wants a teacher who takes you seriously, no matter your level or age
  • Feel lonely and want more friends who understands your passion for cello
  • Are ready to start believing in yourself and find out how far you can actually go
  • Feel like you have so much more to offer and need help showing the world
  • Are ready to become the cellist you were meant to be



So what is this academy anyways?

Welcome to the online learning experience

Library of 150+ videos

Want to learn everything about cello, like, right now? Yay! Inside the growing library there are over 150 videos to help you become the cellist of your dreams. If you don't find what you are looking for, we'll create it.

The Academy Experience

Weekly lives, Q&A's, practice groups, recitals, master classes and interactive challenges, all here to help you actually practice and do things. Because, accountability. And progress.

The Cello Community

Best part of the academy? Our students. Being part of the community will make you feel like a confident badass the next time you walk into orchestra, knowing that your online friends will cheer you on endlessly.

Our different sections has you covered

From beginner to advanced, from technical to musical

Go step-by-step in our beginner section

Become great in our foundational section

Solve issues in the technical section

Make art in the musical section

Get answers in the library section

Make friends in the community

And there is more!

Masterclasses where you get live feedback from Ragnhild. It's like a lesson, but cooler since everyone can watch and learn from you. And you get to watch the others as well.

Practice group with other cellists that are working on the same things you are. Connecting with others, getting feedback and support gives you the feeling of actually being part of a community, and not just a course.

Online recitals once a month to finally master those nerves and get confident performing. Because sometimes we need that kick in the behind to get going and actually do the work. Having a deadline and accountability makes it way more likely that you will actually do the work. 

Interactive ZOOM-meetings with specific learning goals like practicing routines, becoming confident, mastering nervousness, learning new music, going back to basics and so much more

Live Q&A's with Ragnhild where you can ask her anything you want. Sometimes you just want to talk to a human, right?


What makes this course different?

With these 3 focuses Ragnhild teaches you how to grow exponentially without the 8-hour practice day

The instrument

Mastering the instrument is a long process with many different aspects, everything from the technical to the musical. In the academy we aim to cover them all, from the very beginning to the conservatory-level.


The body

How we use our bodies is one of the most important things we learn as musicians. In the academy we do exercises to help you improve coordination and technique so that the body will speed up the process and not slow it down.

The mind

The mind can be your biggest cheer leader, or it can be the biggest reason why you are not reaching your goals. In the academy we focus on getting the mind to be your best support.

But what makes this course special? Our community of course!

Here is what students have to say:
  • These recitals are always so much fun! And they have really significantly eased my nervousness, it doesn’t feel so bad to play in front of people anymore. We have really warm, caring and encouraging group there! I also love to follow everyone’s journey and see how we progress. 
  • I love our group. It has made a huge difference in a few months. Playing with others has helped my confidence enormously and everyone is so much fun. It is wonderful to have a group of friends that share the enthusiasm and love of cello. The course content is also a fantastic reference. 
  • This group is fabulous! We support each other through all challenges. It has helped me immensely. Thanks to all of you for what you provide to this tapestry!
  • This group has enriched my Cello life immensely, we help and support each other and enjoy our Zoom Practice Room every Saturday.

And we have guests too!

Some of Norways best cellists are guests in our academy

Amalie Stalheim

Ernst Simon Glaser

Audun Sandvik

Meet your teacher

Hi! My name is Ragnhild Sannes!

I am a professional cellist, teacher and coach living in Bergen, Norway. I have a Masters degree in performing and an extra education in Timani, a physical approach to playing an instrument.

I happen to be a firm believer in other peoples dreams. I love when my students have their euraka moments, and it's pretty awesome when they suddenly play better than me as well!

In my 10 years of teaching I have learned that it's never too late to start something new. I've seen students become better than they ever thought possible. And now, you can do the same! Join us in the academy and start your progress today.

I want in!



I’ve followed the Cello Academy from the beginning and feel very inspired by Ragnhild’s humble and patient approach in the course. The combination of both body and soul is what makes this online course stand out, and the lack of hierarchy makes me feel we’re all a team. Ragnhild is more than a teacher, she’s like a long lost online cello sister! The Cello Academy is the perfect blend of technical skills, personal experiences and Timani knowledge. I highly recommend it to both beginners and more trained amateur cellists.

Gunnhild Wiggen, Norway

I was struggling to motivate myself to practice cello and didn't always know what to do when I did practice anyway. Having the sessions to go through and work through helped me focus on different techniques or things I would usually not work on. It also helped me aim higher than usual, but helpful that there are some different level/beginner/advanced parts so I don't feel pressure to be able to do everything perfectly straight away! It gives me more excitement/joy to practice rather than it being a chore.

Cat Davis, United Kingdom

Ragnhild makes it a point to relate to you, not just as another cellist, but as a person with emotions. While her extensive curriculum is impressive and covers so many bases of actual technique, I was especially impressed by the time she takes with addressing mental and emotional subjects involved with practicing and performing. You can tell that it is important to her that you yourself get through to your core to unleash your full potential. Ragnhild is certainly interested and invested in making you the best cellist, yes..but also the best person you can be. This commitment made me feel welcome and valued, which is certainly a plus!

SJ McDonald, The United States

Playing the cello has been my lifelong dream. When I finally got the opportunity to get started, I was still a little unsure of myself, could I really do it?Finding the Online Cello Academy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! This course is not just about technical skills, but also mental and physical well-being, and it makes it different from anything else. Ragnhild is an excellent teacher with a big heart and a strong confidence that anyone can achieve their dreams. She really believes in me, and this support has been a huge help to me in building self-confidence to follow my dreams. 

Ilona Junttila, Finland

The Online Cello Academy is a fantastic help in my daily practice routine, with everything from warm-up exercises via how to play different music styles to increasing my understanding on how I use my body to create better sound. The site is easy to navigate and the instructional videos and demos are comprehensible and motivating. The academy has something for everyone, regardless of level! I enjoy Ragnhild’s pep talks and her view on rehearsing; rehearse better, not more, and do what you think is fun!

Marie Østensen, Norway

"I have been a member of Ragnhild's Online Academy for a year now and it has made such a difference! The videos, challenges and lives are a lot of fun but the best part has been the community of other cello players - it feels like a family. I was very anxious when I played in front of others but the weekly practice sessions and regular online recitals have really helped me to be come more confident!"

Aisling McCarthy, New Zealand

"The academy has been wonderful for me. I get support from a great group of cello geeks like myself. It has been wonderful to meet the others in the academy over Zoom. I feel like part of a warm community. I am also slowly letting go of performance anxiety as there are so many opportunities to play for a live audience. It’s helping my confidence. Ragnhild is a talented teacher and gives so much time and cares that we are reaching our goals. The academy has been a wonderful addition to private lessons."

Christine Haaponen Prevost, Finland

"I have been lucky enough to have found the Online Cello Academy and have been an active member inside the Academy for just over a year now. I have learnt so much from the course material which is available to you 24/7, plus new content is added every month. There are also weekly live Zoom classes, Masterclasses and monthly Recitals plus bonus Workshops. Before I joined the Academy I was so nervous at the thought of playing Solo
to an audience I would get terrible anxiety, but since I started participating in the live classes my confidence has improved so much that I am able to perform more relaxed. Ragnhild is an excellent teacher, very patient, encouraging and understands the difficulties of learning to play the Cello at any age. She is a trained in Timani, so we have the benefit of being taught how to sit with the Cello, how the body works, how best to avoid injury plus hand exercises to enhance your Cello playing. I would highly recommend the Academy to Cellists wishing to improve their playing within a very friendly environment."

Jan Bailey, United Kingdom

"My experience thus far with the Online Cello Academy is nothing short of amazing! I am an adult beginner, having decided to learn cello in my retirement. I am so blessed to have found the Academy! In the beginning, I was so nervous to play for others. My heart would pound out of my chest and I wondered if it would ever improve. The good news is, it does get better! However, I know that the Academy, under Ragnhild’s amazing leadership, is responsible for my progress in this area. I have found a worldwide community of friends who practice with me via zoom. I have benefitted from Master Classes with Ragnhild (the most recent one this morning!). The Master Class is a lesson with others watching. They give encouraging feedback, and Ragnhild finds any troublesome spots in the chosen piece and suggests ways to fix them. I have learned so much also from Ragnhild’s extensive library of videos. It is constantly being expanded with new content. There are also Facebook Live workshops on a variety of topics. Ragnhild is always open to requests for ‘challenges’. I have participated in a Suzuki challenge, a Bloch Prayer challenge, a challenge on Elegy, by Faure and a thumb position challenge. In these, Ragnhild teaches a concept or a section of a piece and gives us some homework to practice. At the end of the challenge, we can demonstrate our progress. Finally, we have regular recitals, in which we play for each other and Ragnhild on Zoom. We can choose to participate as a player, or as an audience member. There is never pressure, only encouragement. If you have been wondering whether the premium membership is ‘worth it’, take the plunge! You won’t regret it!"

Tracey Schaufele, Canada

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