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By Ragnhild Sannes

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Its time to become the cellist you were meant to be


What if I told you it is not too late?

What if I told you, your playing could sky rocket?

What if I told you, it is possible to follow your dreams?

What if you could become a happy and confident cellist?

What would happen if I taught you everything I know?


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Hi! My name is Ragnhild.

I am a professional cellist, teacher and coach living in Bergen, Norway. I believe that music can be a source of joy, not only for the listener but also the performer. It is fully possible to let happiness fuel your art, and that is where I build my dream from.

I also happen to be a firm believer in other peoples dreams too. To see my students become better than they ever thought possible and to feel the chills when they play better than me, thats what its all about.

It is never too late to start something new. Its never too late to start believing in yourself. By signing up for this course you will get the professional help you need to succeed. With the right guidance you can do anything! I see you as an equal and I take your growth seriously.

I want to see you succeed.


Welcome to the Online Cello Academy

Library of 115+ videos

Inside the academy you will find an ever growing library of teaching videos. The videos are sorted into categories for you, from beginner and foundational to technical and musical. We have them sorted so that it is easy for you to find your way, and to make progress on the instrument. 

The Cello Community

In the academy, our students are the most important thing. Which is why we have a big focus on our community. The community is a safe space where you can meet like-minded cellists in the same situation as you. Here you can get the support you need and make friends for life.

The Academy Experience

In addition to the library and the community, we want you to get the feeling of truly being part of a school. This is why you get weekly Facebook-lives, Q&As, ZOOM-calls, challenges, online recitals, masterclasses and more. You can also book a 1:1 session whenever you want.

Lets become friends!

Curious about the Online Cello Academy? Here you can schedule a free ZOOM call, where you can ask me all your questions! Lets get to know each other!

The philosophy behind the Online Cello Academy

TECHNIQUE: I am all for finding the short cuts to good technique. I will teach you to improve your technique so you can get more out of your practice routine and make playing easier and more fun. We will discover topics like sound, intonation, rhythm and so much more.
PRACTICE ROUTINES: I believe it is all about practising smarter, not more. There are only so many hours in a day, and we need to get the most out of it, while we are having fun doing it.
BODY AWARENESS: Learn how to be on the same team as your body, and make it thrive while playing. Did you know it can also help you achieve your goals faster if you only know what to do?
PERFORMANCE AND PEP-TALKS: I will give you my best tips on how to overcome performance anxiety and what to do with nervousness. Learn to befriend the concert situation and play better than ever.

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What exactly do I get inside?


  • Access to a growing library of 115+ videos

  • Access to the high value Online Cello Community

  • Access to the beginner section

  • LIVE Q&As with Ragnhild every week

  • Access to great guest teachers

  • Regular six-week challenges

  • Regular online recitals and masterclasses

  • Book 1:1 sessions for a reduced price





"I’ve followed the Cello Academy from the beginning and feel very inspired by Ragnhild’s humble and patient approach in the course. The combination of both body and soul is what makes this online course stand out, and the lack of hierarchy makes me feel we’re all a team. Ragnhild is more than a teacher, she’s like a long lost online cello sister! The Cello Academy is the perfect blend of technical skills, personal experiences and Timani knowledge. I highly recommend it to both beginners and more trained amateur cellists."

Gunnhild Wiggen

"I was struggling to motivate myself to practice cello and didn't always know what to do when I did practice anyway. Having the sessions to go through and work through helped me focus on different techniques or things I would usually not work on. It also helped me aim higher than usual, but helpful that there are some different level/beginner/advanced parts so I don't feel pressure to be able to do everything perfectly straight away! It gives me more excitement/joy to practice rather than it being a chore."

Cat Davis
United Kingdom

"Ragnhild makes it a point to relate to you, not just as another cellist, but as a person with emotions. While her extensive curriculum is impressive and covers so many bases of actual technique, I was especially impressed by the time she takes with addressing mental and emotional subjects involved with practicing and performing. You can tell that it is important to her that you yourself get through to your core to unleash your full potential. Ragnhild is certainly interested and invested in making you the best cellist, yes..but also the best person you can be. This commitment made me feel welcome and valued, which is certainly a plus!"

SJ McDonald
The United States

"Playing the cello has been my lifelong dream. When I finally got the opportunity to get started, I was still a little unsure of myself, could I really do it? Finding the Online Cello Academy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! This course is not just about technical skills, but also mental and physical well-being, and it makes it different from anything else. Ragnhild is an excellent teacher with a big heart and a strong confidence that anyone can achieve their dreams. She really believes in me, and this support has been a huge help to me in building self-confidence to follow my dreams."

Ilona Junttila

"The Online Cello Academy is a fantastic help in my daily practice routine, with everything from warm-up exercises via how to play different music styles to increasing my understanding on how I use my body to create better sound. The site is easy to navigate and the instructional videos and demos are comprehensible and motivating. The academy has something for everyone, regardless of level! I enjoy Ragnhild’s pep talks and her view on rehearsing; rehearse better, not more, and do what you think is fun!"

Marie Østensen

Guest speakers

What if someone told you it is not too late?



It is time to become the cellist you were meant to be


"I know in my heart that becoming a good cello player is not just about practicing more. In order to become the cellist you want to be, you need to have a broad knowledge about the body and mind and how it can help you on your way to greatness."

Ragnhild Sannes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to a growing library of 115+ videos
  • Access to the high value Online Cello Community
  • Access to the beginner section
  • LIVE Q&As with Ragnhild every week
  • Access to great guest teachers
  • Regular six-week challenges
  • Regular online recitals and masterclasses
  • Book 1:1 sessions for a reduced price

When you sign up you get immediate access to my booking system where you can book lessons directly into my calendar. All members get sessions at a reduced price.

The course has 115+ lessons, and growing. But don't worry, I wont make you go through them all at once, you can do them in your own time.

You will have access to this course as long as you are subscribed! All sheet music and written material is downloadable, so you can download it and keep it forever.

No! Everyone is welcome here!

Yes! It is never too late! I have had students in every age group. Now is the time to get started on your dream!

Yes! My goal is that this course will cover everything from the basics to more advanced. I have videos for beginners, as well as more skilled, and all my technique videos can be used by everyone.

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